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It is your responsibility to have electricity, gas and telephone connected in your name and to have the account finalised when you vacate. In some instances we will be able to assist with the connection of various utilities through Harcourts Connect.

TELSTRA              -132 200
ENERGY AUST     -133 466
POWERCOR        -132 206

Harcourts Connect is a free service offered to our customers. Harcourts Connect takes the stress out of your next move by connecting your home utilities for you with only one single point of contact. Click here for your Harcourts Connect Form.


Public Transport

The Information line for all Public Transport information is:  131 638


Agency Details

Landmark Harcourts - Stawell    
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday                9:00am to 5:30pm
Saturday                             By Appointment
Sunday                               Closed
Public Holidays                  Closed


Property Condition Report

After checking The Property Condition Report at the commencement of your tenancy you must sign and return to our office within three (3) days from the commencement of your tenancy.



Only the people originally included on your application approved by the owner are allowed to reside at the property permanently.  If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant, our office must be informed immediately in order to complete an application form for approval before moving in. Please note, there may be a fee associated with changing tenants.


Rent Payments

Our preferred method of rental payment is by direct debit to our Trust Account. A form including these details is included.


Contents Insurance

Did you know the owner of a rental property is not responsible for the payment of Contents Insurance on tenants’ property?  Tenants are responsible for the insurance of their own belongings, we therefore urge you to insure your belongings promptly.


Rent Arrears

If you are having difficulty in paying your rent please contact us to discuss a solution.  


Contact Details

In case of emergency, it is essential that we have both your current work and home phone numbers.  If these numbers are to change please let the office know at your earliest convenience.



To enable us to offer you the best service possible, we require all requests for maintenance & repairs of a non-urgent nature to be submitted in writing.  A Maintenance Request Form is included in this pack.  

If there is any urgent maintenance required, please contact our office immediately on 5358 2100.  Urgent maintenance is defined as maintenance or repairs required to avoid the risk of injury to a person or damage to a property, or those which if unattended could make the premises unsafe or insecure.


Water Restrictions (if applicable)

It is a condition of your Standard Residential Property Lease that you maintain and water the gardens and lawn. Whilst we understand the current water restrictions are very limiting as to the times that you can water the gardens and lawn, we ask you to observe the current watering times available to you to ensure that the gardens and lawns remain healthy with water and necessary maintenance.  A loss of gardens or lawn due to negligence and/or lack of care is the responsibility of the tenant.


Locked Out Of Property

Please note that in the event you lock yourself out of your house or unit, for personal security reasons our staff are prohibited to deliver keys after hours.  If you find yourself in this situation it is your responsibility to organise and pay for a locksmith.  

If you lock yourself out during normal business working hours we are happy to provide the management key up until 4pm. You must return of the key in the same business day.



Landmark Harcourts Stawell carries out an inspection every 6 months, with the initial inspection around 12 weeks from occupancy.  You will be given notice in writing by post or phoned to organize a suitable time with both yourself and our property manager to carry out the inspection.


Rubbish must be placed in the proper bins.  The Council will NOT collect rubbish placed in boxes or bags, so please take any extra items which do not fit into your bin to a Council refuse station. Please ensure the bins are placed at kerb side on the morning of collection and the bins are put away by evening at the same day. Please note that the Council may issue fines for bins left on the road or kerb side after the collection has been carried out.


Car Parking

Your car must only be parked in designated areas and not on front nature strips or lawn areas.


Breaking the Lease

Landmark Harcourts Stawell will assist you if necessary to break your lease on the following conditions:

  • Notification of your intent to break your lease must be made in writing.
  • You accept responsibility for, and must pay rent until the property is re-let to a suitable tenant for a suitable period. Rent must be paid until the day prior to the new lease commencing.
  • You agree and understand that the bond is not to be used for rental payments
  • You vacate the property at least three days prior to new tenant commencing their lease to allow time for a thorough inspection to be completed and any extra cleaning or repairs to be completed prior to the new tenants occupancy. You agree to pay rent until the day prior to the new lease commencing.
  • You must reimburse the Lessor for all re-letting costs
  • You pay all advertising costs associated with finding and securing new tenants.

Notice to Vacate

For a Fixed Term you can only vacate on the day the lease expires and notice must be given in writing at least twenty eight (28) days prior to the expiry of the lease.   For a Periodic Tenancy, a minimum of twenty eight (28) days written notice must be given.


Bond Refunds

Your bond will be refunded after the keys have been returned to our office and an inspection has been carried out and any outstanding maintenance, cleaning, gardening and/or repairs has been completed and invoiced. To obtain a full refund at the end of the tenancy, we recommend a few matters be adhered to during your tenancy:

  • Do NOT use Blu Tac, Sticky tape or Masking tape to hang or place pictures on walls in such a way as to cause damage.
  • Ensure the property is kept clean and left clean.  You will be given a guide to help when you vacate.
  • Ensure the gardens and lawns are maintained including fertilizing and trimming regularly during the course tenancy.
  • Do not make any changes, alterations or install picture hooks without written permission from the property owner.
  • Understand your responsibilities as a tenant by reading the Standard Residential Property Lease along with the provided information from Landmark Harcourts.  Ensure the property is presented for inspection in a condition appropriate to the original Property Condition Report

Failure to hand the property back in a clean and tidy condition, making it necessary for a follow-up final inspection will result in a delay to the return of your Bond.


How to contact us

Post:          Landmark Harcourts    
                   PO Box 130
                   Stawell Vic 3380

Phone:      5358 2100
Fax:            5358 2463    
Web:          www.landmarkharcourts.com.au    
Email:       jessica.lees@landmarkharcourts.com.au

Complaints Procedure

We aim for happy clients and welcome the opportunity to remedy any misunderstandings which may arise.  


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